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Business Bankruptcy

Supporting Local Farmers

We understand the unique problems facing farmers throughout the State of North Carolina and would be honored to fight for you, while you focus on feeding our citizens. The attorneys at BBF have an extensive background, knowledge, and experience in agriculture and agricultural-related issues, enabling them to provide high-quality representation and innovative solutions to complex issues faced by clients in the agricultural industry..

Working For You

Solving Complex Problems

Litigation is a means to resolve disputes and seek justice. The prospect of engaging in litigation, however, can be daunting to a client, unless the client has the benefit of being represented by a skillful, experienced, passionate trial lawyer. The trial lawyers at BBF possess these attributes, which contribute to their effectiveness. An effective trial lawyer knows that an informed client makes informed decisions.


All Clients Seek Favorable Results

The lawyers at BBF are adept at ensuring that their clients are fully informed of all procedural, substantive, and economic issues affecting their cases throughout the litigation process, as informed decisions lead to understandable results. All clients seek favorable results. The prospects for favorable results are maximized by a trial lawyer who offers insightful, practical, and proactive litigation strategies adapted to the individual needs of each client. Sensitivity to the needs of the client combined with thorough preparation and persuasive advocacy are the hallmarks of a skillful, experienced, passionate trial lawyer.

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Business Bankruptcy

What Does A Typical Case Look Like?

Below are general descriptions of the types of Business Bankruptcy cases. However, if you would like to discuss your or your business’s options with a Board Certified Business Bankruptcy Specialist, please contact BBF to schedule your free consultation. The attorneys at BBF will analyze your situation, and at a minimum, you will receive crucial information about your options, which will allow you to make educated decisions for yourself or your business.

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Seasoned Lawyers

There is no substitute for trial experience. The lawyers at BBF are experienced, seasoned trial lawyers representing both plaintiffs and defendants, appearing before state courts, federal courts, arbitration panels and in administrative proceedings in a wide array of cases. Our commercial litigation practice includes breach of contract claims, business disputes and dissolutions, business torts, restrictive covenant litigation, debtor rights, injunctions and intellectual property disputes. Business disputes can take a significant financial toll on an organization and keep an organization from pursuing its critical goals. BBF attorneys are acutely aware of the impact litigation can have on an organization and are committed to minimizing disruption and managing costs by efficiently resolving cases with a keen awareness of our clients’ legal, financial, and organizational objectives.


A Higher Calling

There is no higher calling for a trial lawyer than to represent a client skillfully, passionately and effectively. The lawyers at BBF strive to fulfill this responsibility to every client in every case. On behalf of plaintiffs and defendants, our lawyers have won precedent-setting victories in cases involving business torts, mergers and acquisitions, business divorces, non-compete agreements, class actions, commercial law, contracts, unfair trade practice and other issues.

If you have a commercial dispute, or if you wish to learn more about your rights in this area of the law, give us a call today. An experienced attorney at BBF can help you explore all of your options.